How Spider-Gwen Became Ghost-Spider - and Why

How Spider-Gwen Became Ghost-Spider - and Why

In "Across the Spider-Verse," Spider-Gwen embraced the new identity of Ghost-Spider as she embarked on her college journey. The transformation behind this change is quite intriguing.

Spider-Gwen, one of the most cherished superheroes in the Marvel Universe, hails from Earth-65. Known for her unique web-slinging abilities, she seized the opportunity for a fresh beginning in the main Marvel Universe by enrolling at Empire State University in Earth-616's Manhattan, Peter Parker's former school. It was during her time there, while periodically visiting from her alternate dimension, that she adopted the Ghost-Spider persona.

Since adopting this new alias, she has featured prominently in both the original "Into The Spider-Verse" and its 2023 sequel, "Across the Spider-Verse," earning a reputation as one of the globe's most adored and recognizable superheroes. Her journey to this status has been filled with challenges. Initially introduced as Spider-Woman in Earth-65, Gwen faced numerous threats, including a malevolent version of Matt Murdock. Confronted with dwindling powers, she was compelled to bond with her world's Venom symbiote. This crucial alliance restored her remarkable powers, enabling her to vanquish Murdock and dismantle his criminal network.

Why Is Gwen Called Ghost-Spider?

Why Is Gwen Called Ghost-Spider?

In a critical turn of events, Gwen Stacy was compelled to disclose her secret identity to the world to unmask Murdock and his nefarious activities. As Spider-Woman, she faced significant accusations: her involvement in the death of her world's Peter Parker, who had transformed into the villainous Lizard, and her violent actions while under the influence of the Venom symbiote's initial control. Consequently, Gwen was convicted and sentenced to prison for her deeds. However, her crucial role in overthrowing Murdock and her status as a recognized superhero led to a reduced sentence of one year, which she served with a sense of duty. Upon her release, Gwen had successfully tamed the Venom symbiote and held it under her command.

With her identity as a superhero now public, Gwen chose to focus on her education, enrolling at Empire State University to lead a more low-profile life on Earth-65, while maintaining her connections with the superhero allies she had made in earlier team-ups. Nonetheless, Gwen soon faced emerging challenges with the Venom symbiote, prompting her to seek assistance from Peter Parker of the main Marvel Universe. While Peter examined the symbiote, Gwen discovered that her superhero identity remained a secret to the public on Earth-616. This revelation inspired her to reignite her superhero career on this alternate Earth, albeit with a newfound, darker edge.


The title of Spider-Woman in Earth-616 is shared by multiple women, with Jessica Drew being the most prominent. Having previously collaborated with Gwen, to avoid confusion, Gwen opts to relinquish the Spider-Woman name, drawing inspiration from her Earth-616 counterpart.

Gwen becomes poignantly aware of the tragic destiny of Earth-616's Gwen Stacy, who perished in a conflict between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Reflecting on this, Gwen somberly notes the phrase "death loves Gwen Stacy," seeing herself as a spectral presence on Earth-616, a substitute for this world's doomed Gwen, but empowered with spider-like abilities. This insight leads her to adopt the moniker Ghost-Spider, using this identity while operating as a superhero on Earth-616 and keeping a low profile upon her return to Earth-65.

Although the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65's superhero journey seemed to reach an abrupt halt following the revelation of her identity and subsequent imprisonment, the expansive nature of the Marvel Multiverse has enabled her to persist in her heroic endeavors, albeit under a new alias. This transition, however, doesn't diminish the essence of the character. Even with a new name, Ghost-Spider retains the iconic look and beloved personality of Gwen, skillfully juggling her life on an alternate Earth with the typical challenges of college life.

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